Will I own the website?



Yes of course!  Jet Set is designed to give you full ownership of your own website.   You will have full admin access to your WordPress website. I’ll be on hand on the Facebook group to offer help and support.

What is a domain name?


A domain is your website address e.g mine is www.jetsetwebsites.com If you haven’t got one already I can help you find one, buy one and get it on your website!


How do I get the website on the domain name?


There’s no tech headaches with a Jet Set website. I can arrange this for you. I will install all the files required and give you login details so you can access it.



What is hosting?


Hosting is like renting space to put your files so that the website can work!  There are lots of web hosting providers, you can choose your own (as long as it supports WordPress or I can arrange hosting for you at a great price.) It’s your choice.



What's included with a Jet Set website?




You get WordPress installed

A theme based on the divi theme (which is like the design of your site)

A full demo site that you can overtype, add images and make your own!

3 months FREE hosting (if you host through me)

5 Page Website including a blog and contact page

Integrated email marketing

Links to your Social Profiles.

Additional Resources to help you with your online marketing

Access to Help Desk Support

Option to upgrade to Live support in the Facebook Group





After I have bought it will there be anything else to pay?




You will pay a monthly or annual fee for the support element of Jet Set – this is payable for a minimum of 1 year.  You will need website hosting which you can buy yourself or I can arrange for you, this costs £10 per month or £100 per year (a saving of £20).  You can also add an integrated Woo Commerce online shop and MemberPress with all the training modules for £49 and a sales page template again with full training modules for just £49 per year.

You can upgrade to your Online Support Package for just £15 or £99 per year this includes exclusive access to the Facebook group, community support, live interactive sessions and full licence updates.




Can I add more pages to my website?




Yes!  You can add pages and layouts from £49 I can arrange all this for you.



How long will it take to set up?



After your order I’ll drop you an email. Once I receive the information from you I will get your site ready within 24-48 hours, you can then add your own text and images and get your site live within just a few hours!


How quickly can I get started?



You can get started today! Order your website and I’ll be in touch. As soon as I have installed the files, You can get started with customisation right away!



Are there any hidden costs?



The price includes everything you need to get your website live, there are NO additional costs to create a website from the demo ones displayed on this site.

As your business grows, you may want your website too as well.

You can access a full online support package from just £15 per month or £99 per year.

You can add a full shop facility or membership platform that will be installed for you for just £49, this comes with detailed training videos of how you can add products and start to sell online!

You can also add full landing pages to your site, these templates are also available in the members area and are priced at £49.

Hosting is free for 3 months then charged at £10 per month or £100 per year, if you want an ssl certificate on your site you can pay a one off fee or upgrade your membership to include a super safe security bundle.



What happens if I don’t know what to do?



Don’t worry. You can just pop a question up on the help desk or if your are an online support members you can ask in the Private Facebook Group and I will answer it in our Tech Clinic sessions.



Why should I have a WordPress website instead of Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or Moonfruit?



In a word, control. WordPress is a super powerful platform!  It is easy to use, Google friendly and will allow you to have a website that you own, have control of and will grow with your business!



I already have a website will I lose this while I am working on my new one?



No, I can set you a test site up for you to work on and then transfer your new website over when you have finished.  The cost of this service is just £45.


Can I add my own images?
Yes of course!  There are images included in the demo site and also resources for you to get stock images but you can add your own too!
Can I change the colours of the site to match my logo?


Yes!  For just £25 you can access all the resources to show you how to take the colours out of your logo and add them across the website.


Can I add a shop?


Yes!  Jet Set Shop is now available you can access it for just £79.  I install it all for you and you get step by step videos to show you how to add new products, manage your shop, shipping and invoices.

Can I add a members area and an online programme

Yes!  For just £79 you can access Jet Set Members. You get Memberpress (membership installed for you) this would cost $197 if you purchased it directly.  You also get step by step videos on how to use it too!

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Want your site to look professional? So did Emma!…
Want to run an online programme? Trudy has one already!…

No tech skills?  Neither had Judy!…

No time to design? Sue created her website in just 3 days!…
Want your site to look professional? So did Emma!…
Want to run an online programme? Trudy has one already!…

No tech skills?  Neither had Judy!…

No time to design? Sue created her website in just 3 days!…